C2V-200 microGC control and data handling software

The C2V-200 is controlled by the C2V-200 microGC control and data handling software. The C2V-200 microGC software can control C2V-200 configurations up to 4 channels. The software facilitates immediate start up and is easy to use. The data handling enables single run peak identification and peak integration and the software allows sequence reporting as well. The data of those sequences can be analyzed in a trend analysis with corresponding statistics: for example, a concentration can be monitored over thousands of chromatograms and the trend can be visualized and analyzed. In addition, the microGC control software enables control of an optional stream selector for auto-calibration. Reporting of Natural Gas calorific value and other physical parameters like Wobbe Index, density etc according to ISO 6976, ASTM D3599-98 and GPA 2172-09 is optional.

C2V-200 microGC control and data handling software:

. C2V-200 microGC Control

C2V-200 Fast Analysis Column Temperature programming Flexible Configuration Immediate Startup Easy Control